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Missionaries We Support

Bryan & Hannah Besset
Chi Alpha NH
Michael & Diane Chase
Missionary to Taiwan
Rick & Jan Cunningham
Eastern Europe - Romania
David & Rosemarie DiTrolio
Missionary to Paraguay
Rocco & Ellen DiTrolio
Missionary to Argentina
Paul & Lana Duda
Missionaries to Ecuador
David & Sharon Faris
Missionaries to Africa (Wycliffe)
John & Theresa Flood
Missionaries to Native American
Steve & Theresa Ford
Missionaries to Peru
J. Virgilio and Marsha Fortin
Missionaries to Dominican Republic
Joe & Rachel Gavin
Chi Alpha - VT
Marvin & Rosalie Gilbert
Missionaries to South Africa
Pat & Mary Manzo
Run for Freedom
Travis & Raushan Moran
Teen Challenge International
Harold & Vera Morin
Missionaries to Global Initiative
Bob & Denise Ryals
Missionary to Spain
Lurece Shell
Asia Pacfic
Bill & Lena Shrader
LACC - Latin America Child Care
Neil & Kathy Vanaria
Bible Translators - Papa New Guinea
Speed the Light/BGMC

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