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Our Services
8:30AM: Prayer
9:30AM: Worship Service
6:30PM: Men's Ministry
6:30PM: Midweek Service

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What should I expect?

When you first arrive, you will notice that we make a point to honor our guests at each service—we want you to feel welcome and comfortable. Looking around, you will notice that we have a traditional sanctuary, but we’re equipped with a multimedia system. We display song lyrics, scripture and video clips to emphasize a point during a service or to better show a ministry we support.


Our pastor presents a theologically-informed message that is relevant to today’s society and culture. His messages will inspire, challenge and invite worshipers to make changes in their lives.


Our worship is a merging of songs and hymns that encourage people of all ages to witness the moving of the Spirit through music. We’re equipped with a multimedia system . This enables our worship team to blend video, sound, and lighting into the worship experience. We hope to see you this Sunday.

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